This Aozora Water Purification Pitcher has a UV light to KILL germs!!!

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Aozora Water Purification Pitcher with Patented UV Disinfection Light and 4 Stage Filtration Technology


Equipped with 4 stage filtration system filter and UV disinfection technology, this water purification pitcher ensures you healthy water and protects your family from drinking polluted water all the time! With its revolutionary sterilization and filtration technology, this pitcher overcomes the problem of other water filter pitchers, which have secondary water pollution caused by the filter core itself and the bacteria growing inside the reservoir after the dechlorination. The Aozora UV-805 Water Purification Pitcher ensures the filtered water remains sterile and is always safe to drink. 

  • MARKET LEADING FILTER TECHNOLOGY WITH 4 STAGE-FILTRATION SYSTEMS – The water purification pitcher has an active carbon, pre-sediment filter, Ion exchange resin, and PET micro-filtering film filter systems. It does a good job of removing chlorine smell and more contaminants from tap water to deliver healthier and crisp fresh water. The handsome design pitcher greatly reduces chlorine, odor, sediments, rust, mercury, impurities, heavy metals, odor and water hardness to deliver crystal and fresh water.
  • PATENTED UV DISINFECTION LIGHT TO ELIMINATE POLLUTION – Aozora is serious and engaged in providing the healthy water to their customers. With UV CCFL light 50s’ disinfection, the water pitcher will eliminate bacteria, viruses, and microorganism up to 99% in the filtered water to protect you and your family’s health.
  • CONVENIENT AND INTELLIGENTLY DESIGN – Digital indicator tracks filter use to remind you when to change filters. Spout fits perfect with the body so pouring works without spills and mess. Easy-to-fill Lid design allows you to refill without removing the cover. Convenient handle makes it labor-saving to carry and pour.
  • FAMILY-SIZE CAPACITY 3.5L (10-Cup) capacity provides clean and fresh taste drinking water with 1 easy to use filter. 1 filter provides up to 40 gallons of crystal clean water- change filter approximately every 3 months. You would find a way to have clean fresh water and still cut down on the cost of water bottles.

Aozora Water Purifier Pitcher with Patented UV Disinfection Light

Water Purification Pitcher That Gives Great Peace Of Mind

Prior to Thanksgiving, we received a water purification pitcher from a company by the name of Aozora. The pitcher that we received is more than just a water storage vessel. This baby offers filtration and sterilization. With our diminishing water quality features like a certified anti-microbial carbon filter that removes harmful elements such as chlorine, lead, zinc, copper, cadmium, mercury, pesticides, and herbicides from our water this pitcher gives peace of mind. But that’s not all! This product also utilizes UV filtration thanks to its built-in rechargeable, Lithium battery operated ultraviolet sterilization module.

This is the part that we really like, thanks to the use of UV light the pitcher prevents secondary water pollution, caused by bacteria growing in the filter core and the reservoir after dechlorination. This ensures the filtered water remains sterile and always safe to drink. This is something we have thought about while cleaning the reservoirs of our previous water filter pitchers. We are happy Aozora has addressed this very important health concern. Filtration and storage are two completely different elements of processing safe healthy water. You can’t have safe water for your family if you are lacking in either step.

Aozora Water Purification Pitcher with Patented UV Disinfection Light

As we began unboxing this water purification pitcher we noticed that each part was thick and sturdy feeling. Assembly and operation are both very easy. We often struggled to remove the used cartridge from our old pitchers. That problem has also been addressed by Aozora. Thanks to the ring on the top of the filter removing it is a piece of cake. We both are very pleased with the construction and really like the incorporated technology. Everything has come together to produce great tasting water that is safe for our family.

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