AOZORA is an established brand from Yomband Electronics Co., Ltd, a leader in providing affordable home use water filter of exceptional quality and value to our hundred thousands of satisfied customers. With our team composed of water treatment professionals – engineers and specialists with 10 and 20+ years of water treatment experience, we are proud of our unbeatable reputation in delivering the highest quality water filtration systems. Our products are shipped worldwide to treat tap water contaminants and helping people improve their water quality for personal use.


Our priority is to produce exceptionally high quality water filter systems, which will turn contaminated tap water into great tasting, clean, and fresh mineral water. Our mission is to make these products available to you at a sensible and affordable price.

Our Environmental Goal is simply to provide a healthier and more sustainable option to people instead of disposable bottled water. By doing so we can lessen the impact associated with bottled water on our planet’s precious resources, landfill and littering of our land, rivers and oceans.